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Chienna WorldCosplay Account

You can find it here: http://worldcosplay.net/member/59137/

She’s even got the meme I made! I’m sooooo flattered. You can find all her fail cosplay attempts here.

Sorry for the incredibly short post. I promise to make longer ones when I can.

Random Thoughts

I’ve been thinking about what I said about Chienna, and I don’t regret anything I’ve said. I’m proud of all those blog posts I made about her. I wouldn’t call it paninira, since I don’t start rumors without proof and I only state my opinion of her, which may sometimes border on the naughty side, especially when I’m feeling pretty bad. I wouldn’t call it papuri either, since I am very hard to please and I am not easily offended or scared by any threat (death threats, lawsuit threats, you get the picture). I wouldn’t call it katotohanan either since most of my posts are opinions (except for those with screenshots and pictures as proof of fact, e.g., Reasons Why Chienna Doesn’t Deserve the Title of “Youngest Professional Cosplayer in the Philippines”).


Now, I think it won’t be long before she fades into obscurity once again. Even with that Starmagic thing, I don’t think she’ll ever see the light of fame. There are thousands of people out there with a lot more talent, beauty and money, she’ll just get left behind in the dust. Even if she chooses to strip in front of dirty old men, nothing will happen. She’ll just be another “one-hit wonder” if she is ever even considered a “wonder”.



A Comment that Made My Day

I found this piece of treasure at a certain bitch’s fanpage. It was too valuable to be deleted by weak and indecisive admins. This person deserves a medal!!


Random Shizz of the Day: Pure Bullshit

Inspiration? More like bad influence to the youth

Inspiration? More like bad influence to the youth. Next cosplay goddess? Pure bullshit.

Chienna Got Kicked Out From School??? (Rumor)

It started with this comment at GT.com:

The guy didn’t tell who his sources were for he claimed his niece might get involved in whatever mess this will make.

Then there was this message:

Someone please confirm this (not you Chienna, it has to be someone else for it to be really considered true).

Alodia Copycat

Lately, Alodia’s been posting about her everyday life on her FB fanpage. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when you have legions of fantards calling you the “cosplay goddess”, it would be much more appropriate if she posted cosplay stuff instead of what she eats or pictures of family reunions.

On the other hand, there is a certain famewhore who tries hard to be like Alodia in every aspect, from butchering cosplay characters to posting random stuff about her everyday lives on FB. Here’s a screenshot and I’ll leave it to you guys to guess who she is.

Guess who?

Random Shizz of the Day: Chienna is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Masungit!

It all started with this picture of a duck:

I see a duck. *shoots*

Then, the comments:

The nerve, duck-faced bitch

Warning: Stupidity Overload!!! Chienna’s Fantards

So, fantard logic begins with this:

Walang gamot sa mga makikitid ang utak.

By the way, here’s his FB if you guys want to argue with him or be friends with him here

Some other fantard joins in on the fun:

Don't you dare lecture me on proper spelling in social networking sites

Man, this “you’re just insecure/jealous of her” thing is too old. Can’t these uneducated freaks think of something else? Oh yeah, I forgot. They’re uneducated.

Look. Using "q" as "g". Man, this girl didn't study.

You can check out this poor girl’s profile here

More stupidity with wrong usage of words and letters.

My answer to the statement above

And someone even had the nerve to tell me where and when to use correct spelling

Dear fantard, your spelling and use of words here on FB reflects the kind of education you had (Bad education? Or didn't study at all?)

I therefore conclude that these fantards are stupid.

You’re weak, Chienna. Look at your supporters, weak brains, bad spelling/grammar, inactive (most of them are, admit it) and weak! You won’t last a decade in showbiz. If someone prettier comes along they’ll forget about you. Or, these guys won’t earn enough money for a computer shop in the future to even support you. Remember, strong people go with strong people. Weak people go with weak people.


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